People and Orgs to Give to Instead of Electoral Candidates

People and orgs to donate to

For those of us who are extremely uninterested in/actively despise electoral politics (here’s my reasoning for why I’m not voting!), November 3rd can’t come quickly enough. I hate that Joe Biden and Donald Tr*mp are everywhere all the time and their individual minions constantly scream about voting and using one’s voice for the greater good before they disappear into their mansions until the 2024 election. There is nothing worse than the commercials, SNL skits, vote speeches, condescending tweets, etc. from people who don’t organize in their communities and are only concerned about one election. *The actual worst picture I’ve ever seen ever is a Biden ad for an online fundraising night with other celebrities which his team called “grassroots organizing” like please just end it all!!* I just read an article that discussed how Biden raised $493.8 million within the last two months and $761.2 million in all of 2020 and I have never been so disgusted in my life. Can you imagine the impact $761.2 million would make in the lives of everyday people who are struggling—people who have lost their jobs, who are working multiple jobs, who’ve been evicted during a pandemic, who can’t afford to eat, who are sleeping on sidewalks, and who die because they can’t afford health insurance? And yet all of that money was instead given to a candidate to spend on ads and commercials and social media campaigns and train leases and transportation and hotels. Before I continue preaching to the choir aka the six people who actually keep up with this blog on a daily basis, I thought I would share some people and orgs to support financially instead of any candidate running for office. Donating to individual people and orgs is important because those monies actually make a difference in one’s community. Biden and Tr*mp are not using their donation money to help anyone and they’re raising more funds than most people can even fathom. We know that we keep each other safe and help others during difficult times, so let’s continue uplifting those who actually need the assistance.

One of the people and orgs to donate to