Peachy Keen Gel Nails for the Wedding

Peachy Keen gel nails

I’ve already made it clear that I’m in Waco again for Jonathan and Urn’s wedding this weekend, so of course we had to go get a group mani/pedi before their big day. We’ve been going to Elegant Nail Spa for years (Lo introduced us all to Jade and co.!) because every nail technician is extremely sweet and does the most thorough and flawless work. Today we all opted for deluxe pedicures and I chose DND Peachy Keen Gel Lacquer for my fingernails. Although Lo and I are two of Jonathan’s groomspeople/groomsmen, we still wanted to make sure our beauty choices were cohesive with that of Urn and her group of bridesmaids. In order to do so, we picked out polishes (Peachy Keen obviously being a fairly neutral selection) that not only matched with our navy dresses, but also didn’t stand out too much (this is the first and probably last wedding I’ll ever be in so I’m learning a lot about group dynamics!). Urn didn’t force or suggest us to pick a certain shade or color, just asked that we choose nudes or pale neutrals that were in a general color palette the bridesmaids worked around. I got Peachy Keen for my fingers because most of the nudes in the gel nail collection were too beige or white for my liking and I thought they’d eventually wash me out. This pink-peach shade is just colorful enough for me to feel like a living ass human being, but also doesn’t contrast too much with the dress. I also went for a nude-peach OPI polish for my toes that worked well with the gel on my fingers. Lo chose a baby pink for her fingers and Urn picked a shimmery rose gold that will look perfect with her white dress on the big day.