Peach and Purple from Poshmark

Peach and purple outfit
Close up of outfit

J.Crew shirt via Poshmark (new colors here), Mango shirt via Poshmark, Wild Fable overall dress via Poshmark (similar here), Madewell earrings, Frasier Sterling necklace, Kinn Studio necklace, Amazon socksMaryJaneTbilisi shoes

Is it almost Fall yet? Every year since I was in high school, I’ve loved Spring and Fall for clothing and Winter for literally every other part of living: my birthday, Christmas, Christmas music, Christmas decorations, Christmas desserts, Christmas movies, and Christmas break (did I say Christmas enough?). I was in my true emo phase from middle school through much of high school, so bright colors and fun, girly clothes didn’t appeal as much to me at the time. As much as I loved learning about makeup through my beloved Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube tutorials (she’s been with me since my second blog post ever on December 31, 2012!) and often purchased beautiful pieces of clothing, my heart was sandwiched between my black beanie and chunky leather combat boots I wore religiously from 2009 through 2015 (can you believe this 2017 pair was the last one I’ve owned?). Although I wore both of those pieces every day in rain, heat, and cold (and often on the band field), neither of them were quite weather appropriate for the Summer. Because the pieces and colors I wanted to wear weren’t always seasonally appropriate for the sweltering heat, Summer has always been my least favorite season. This year was the first year I’ve ever truly enjoyed the Summer time as I discovered my style and affinity for bold colors like purple, peach, yellow, and more. And is there anything better than combining all of those colors with even brighter ones? While I still can’t wait for the slightly cooler weather of the Fall, I loved putting this peach and purple outfit together with pieces I purchased from Poshmark (try say that sentence 5x fast)! Styling outfits is more fun now that I mix and match textures, patterns, and shades and don’t just put one top and one bottom together. For this peach and purple secondhand look, I started with this sheer purple top from Mango that I put under my Wild Fable overall dress from Poshmark. The top’s high neck looks especially suitable under the overalls, which I wear at least once a week in the Summer. I needed another layer of course, so what better than this J.Crew textured button down in a glorious peach colorway? Tying the button down around my waist lets the outfit look like a two piece from behind and defines my waist so the denim doesn’t make me look especially rectangular. I finished my non-Fall colorful look with a stack of layered gold necklaces, pink ribbons in my braids (always), and my pink frilly socks with the Mary Jane Tbilisi flats I wear almost daily!