Pattern Mixing at Work

Mixing patterns and colors

Uniqlo top via Savers, JoyLab tank, LOFT skirt, Amazon socks, Adidas shoes, Kinn Studio locketJames Avery Texas charm, Rat charm (similar here), Charmco Football charmAnygolds carabinerHASUKIKU dog clipGorjana necklace

We’ve come an extraordinarily long way from simply putting a top and bottom together and saying “that looks like a good outfit,” haven’t we? There’s now few practices I love more than truly styling an outfit with every element that feels like they match and contrast the other aspects. I ventured into the mixing patterns world on this blog in this 2020 post when I discovered that leopard is in fact, a neutral! Who would have thought? I used to think that one could only attempt pattern mixing in specific scenarios and prints, but I learned more about the practice when I deeply studied J.Crew catalogues during the Jenna Lyons era. Their magazines taught me that hot pink could pair with feathered shoes, green cargo pants, denim jackets, and patterned scarves all in one look. Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum would have a fit, I initially thought. But now that I’m constantly developing my own personal style, mixing patterns and colors and textures brings me such joy! This outfit I wore to work one week is a perfect example of how I’m practicing combining pieces I previously would never pair due to their prints or shades. I started with this floral LOFT skirt I wear every other week, which features white, pink, yellow, and green flowers on a navy background. The old version of me would only wear this skirt with a solid top in one of the featured colors, but I thought to add layers in the form of my beloved JoyLab brami under a *gasp* patterned long sleeve top! Instead of going for a solid green button down, I opted for a green and pink polka dot top from Uniqlo that I thrifted at Savers. Because both patterns are slightly small, I think they mix together perfectly. And as if the outfit didn’t have enough moving parts, I finished it with my new favorite Adidas Handball Spezial sneakers (red is a neutral!) and my go-to accessories: charm necklaces, braid ribbons, and basketball earrings!


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