Path to the Draft | Patrick Mahomes

I’ve always been extremely protective of Baylor athletes. When my dad told me to apply to other colleges along with Baylor, I couldn’t because I already hated every other school’s teams. That sounds trivial, but I love our athletes so much that I harbored disdain for anyone not playing for Baylor. That is, before I discovered Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes was a standout freshman QB at Texas Tech when I first watched him play against Baylor. Although I was happy that we beat Tech that year, I told my parents how much I adored Mahomes’ speed and arm. To this day, I watch Tech games just to witness his passing ability or bootleg attempts on the field. Over the years of watching every football game I can, Mahomes has become my favorite player of all time.

Mahomes has been compared to the legendary Brett Favre and for good reason. He’s quick on his feet, intelligent when it comes to making decisions and throws a damn beautiful ball. As a freshman, Mahomes was 105 of 185 pass attempts for 1,547 yards with 16 TDs and four INTs. He also compiled 46 carries for 104 yards, totaling 1,651 total offensive yards. Mahomes greatly increased his stock as a sophomore, completing 364 of 573 attempts for 4,653 yards, 36 TDs and 15 INTs. He added 131 carries for 456 yards and 10 TDs to toal 5,109 yards and 46 TDs. Mahomes was ranked eighth in Texas Tech history for all-time career passing yards and collected honorable mentions from the Big 12, ESPN and Sports Illustrated. In his final season at Tech, Mahomes truly became a national star. He completed 388 of 591 pass attempts for 5,052 yards, 41 TDs and 10 INTs. He also amassed 131 carries for 285 yards and 12 TDs.

Can we just think about those numbers for a second? Mahomes alone recorded 5,337 yards and 53 TDs in a single season. In Tech’s 2017 game against OU, Mahomes recorded 800 total yards to break the FBS record and tied the FBS record with 734 passing yards. The man is insane. While I loved the Cowboys this year because of Dak, my future NFL team will be the one who picks up Pat.