Pastel Layered Knits

Pastel layered knits

Zara dress (similar here), H&M top, J.Crew sweater, Cole Haan boots, Kate Spade backpack (similar here)

A few months ago my partner and I went on a quick little trip to Washington (read about day one, day two, day three, day four, and day five in these posts) and I got to live out my cold weather dreams in lots of layered knits and heavy coats! I’ve always hated warm weather, which I know is ironic since I am deeply Hawaiian and also spent four formative years in Texas. However, neither of those facts stopped me from yearning for chilly temperatures and/or the appearance of a light snow. Did you know that Texas gets very cold? On one of our days in Washington, I conjured up this absolutely girly and warm look of layered knits in my favorite pastel shades and I’ve probably been happier only once before. I’m thankful to have a closet full of long sleeve tops, dresses, and sweaters thanks to both my four rotations around the sun in Texas (is that even right? Am I dumb? Yonny please text me a response tomorrow morning) and my desire to remain warm in my former chilly ass office. Since on this specific day my partner and I were to spend the whole 40-50 degree morning/afternoon out before having the most delicious dinner of my life (aka RockCreek Seafood & Spirits) so my goal was to style an outfit that was warm, cute, and appropriate for day and night. And I believe in my success. I started the look of layered knits with a basic sky blue turtleneck dress and put a bright yellow turtleneck top over it. I love when the TikTok fashion girls wear t-shirts or sweaters over silk dresses and I wanted to appeal to that same style in a different way. Because it was *quite* cold, I added my puffy sleeve pink sweater from J.Crew because one can never wear enough color. Ideally I would’ve had a pair of knee-length leather boots, but instead I threw on my black ankle booties that I’ve owned and loved for the last 4 years. They’re extremely warm, comfortable, and classic and I believe I’ll keep them until they disintegrate during one of my future trips. And since there truly can never be too much color in one look, I finished with my pink leather backpack that camouflages perfectly into my top layered knit. I love this outfit and if climate change were to turn HawaiĘ»i into the East Coast, I would wear it again and again!