Park Madison NYC Brotherhood Tee

Park Madison NYC Brotherhood tee

My life has been consumed by the story of the Exonerated Five (formerly known as the Central Park FiveYusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Korey Wise, and Raymond Santana) after watching When They See Us, so I had to purchase Raymond Santana’s tribute Brotherhood Tee from his clothing company Park Madison NYC. Park Madison NYC was named after the street on which Raymond grew up, but is located in Atlanta, Georgia where he and Antron currently live. Raymond has repeatedly called his brand a dream come true as he has full control over the shirt designs and limited edition pieces brought out throughout the year. The Brotherhood Tee is specifically dedicated to the five men whose lives were upended and nearly broken by their wrongful incarceration 30 years ago. I love how this tee boldly states the names of all five men in a conversation-starter piece so their identities live on besides just in Park Madison NYC. I’m especially glad that Raymond created this top because it allows the wearers to wear the Exonerated Five’s stories across their chests and force other people to examine just what was done to them in New York City all those years ago. I notoriously love politically and socially unapologetic clothing, so this piece will fit in well with my collection, including my “I’ve Heard Enough from Old White Men” shirt and “Pro People” shirt. After When They See Us premiered and viewers discovered Park Madison NYC, Raymond’s brand has blown up and people all over the country have placed orders on this shirt. He’s stated his intent to design a new tee in collaboration with Yusef, Kevin, Antron, and Korey, and I hope that that piece receives as much attention and profit as the Brotherhood Tee has. Let’s support Raymond and his company and buy as many tees as possible to spread awareness of their story forever!