What I Eat In A Day | 5th Installment

I’m a generally nosy bitch (in fact, I am the nosiest of bitches) and I love knowing any and all gossip, peeking at what my…

Noelle Listens | May 2023

Think of Me by Emilie Kouatchou, Ben Crawford, and John Riddle Lost Springs by Night Beds Wild Country by Wake Owl Beach Baby by Bon…

Spoken Word Favorites from Rudy Francisco

I Want to Write A Poem Drowning Fish Love Poem Medley 2036 Adrenaline Rush Medley Seventeen

5 Things

1. Everyone showed up in different versions of the same outfit 2. Soup forgets how to use his tongue 3. One of my favorite at…

Siaki Ika Picked in 2023 NFL Draft Third Round

Baylor Football fans had lots to be excited about following the unprecedented immense success of the 2021-22 season where the team secured a program-high 12…

Baylor MBB 2023 Academic All-Big 12 Honors

2023 ACADEMIC ALL-BIG 12 The Baylor Men’s Basketball team earned a few All-Big 12 awards for freshman G Keyonte George, senior G Adam Flagler, and…

32nd Birthday Wishes for Jonathan

Today is my BFF Jonathan’s 32nd birthday and it’s imperative I write my well wishes for his special day—especially as he is running for his…


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