Packing for Texas | Fall 2016

My summer has come to an end and my desire to hold onto every last bit of it has resulted in packing procrastination (when am I not procrastinating?). I purchased a new Kipling suitcase in which I can tote my wardrobe around and I’ve packed a bit more than I should have. I started out by choosing 12 dresses for day and night; three rompers; 22 tops for both summer weather and layering; three outerwear pieces (two sweaters and a rain jacket); three pairs of jeans; two denim shorts; one work pant; one skirt; one pair of beach shorts and an abundance of undergarments and swimsuits. Along with my clothes, I added four pairs of shoes (one heel, one flat, one sneaker, one slipper), a mixture of books and my beauty products. Before I hop on the plane I will try and downsize my clothing collection, but the above featured is what I’m bringing back to school with me!