Packing for Spring Break

My spring break starts today (finally!) and I’ll be spending half of break in Texas and the other half in Boston with my dad. Preparing for two different types of weather is always a challenge, but I’ve managed to pack lightly (there’s a first time for everything) and I’ve fit every clothing and accessory piece I need in my check in luggage! I’m bringing along seven tops (four blouses, two tees, one sweater), two dresses (one for day, one for night), two jackets (one tweed, one utility for the cold), two pairs of jeans (one distressed, one dark wash), one pair of heels (I’ll be wearing my sneakers along the way), undergarments, pajamas, my DSLR, a downsized makeup bag with all of my must haves, glittery Kate Spade sunglasses, one purse, harmonicas (of course), laptop, and my essentials will be in my backpack. Now let’s get this show on the road!