Packing for My First Texas Trip in Two Years

My first Texas trip in two years

The pandemic has been difficult on everyone across the world and countless people have suffered from illness, death, and separation from loved ones. I’m one of the lucky ones who hasn’t experienced even an ounce of struggle or pain over the past two years (and three years of COVID). Thankfully, all of my family and friends have remained healthy, safe, and employed and I truly don’t have anything remotely relevant to complain about since the last time I went to Texas in February 2020. When I visited Waco at the end of January and start of that February, I spent 10 days with my best friends Jonathan and Lo as we prepared for Jonathan’s wedding (here’s what I packed for that trip!). At the time, I thought the next time I’d see them again would be in October or maybe closer to the end of 2020. Of course, I was extraordinarily wrong. Tomorrow I’m leaving for my first Texas trip in two years and I couldn’t be any more excited about anything in the world right now! Jonathan, Lo, and I talk all day long every single day without fail, but it’s still not the same as being with them in person. I’ve luckily gotten to travel inter-island twice over the last several months, but this will be my first domestic trip in two years so I had to remember how to pack all of my clothing/shoe/toiletry/miscellaneous essentials for the next week! I’m not sure what the weather will be like exactly, but I know it’ll be hot during the day and cooler or windier at night. For that reason, I brought a few colorful dresses that I can wear on their own or layered under a tee or sweater when the temperature drops. I’m having a moment with bright colors, so I have an orange and pink frilly sleeved sundress, green ruched waist one, orange bodycon shift, and loose white sundress I just picked up this weekend. I packed one denim skirt, the above-featured peach and magenta midi skirt, and a white faux-leather skirt to pair with a few tops I packed. For the tops, I included my bright yellow turtleneck, dark green long sleeve top, an off white tee with puffy sleeves, beige brami, and light blue button down tee to layer. Two pairs of straight-leg jeans are crucial and I added a pair of shorts in case it’s too hot for those. Last up for clothing, I packed my yellow and green sweater, heavy pink sweater, white sweater with embroidered flowers, and an orange and blue sweater. I only brought three pairs of shoes starting with my pink ballet flats, brown mules, and dark green pointed toe flats. I’ll also be throwing my slippers in my backpack. Hopefully I don’t forget anything!