Packing for Home

I’m flying home for the summer in five days and I couldn’t be more excited! Although I love going to Baylor, it’s truly difficult to be away from my home and my family for over four months. I’m looking forward to going to the beach, hiking, eating lots of Hawaiian food, and spending time with family and friends. While I was cleaning my room today I packed up the majority of clothes and items I’m taking home for the next three months. I will be bringing a couple pairs of jeans, denim shorts, a few dresses, two jackets, too many tops to count, a handful of swimsuits (don’t ask me why I brought them all to the middle of Texas), and three pairs of shoes. Along with my jam-packed suitcase, I’m also bringing a tote bag full of football books, my Glockenspiel, harmonicas, notebook, and other essentials. I’m sorry this isn’t a formal packing list, but I wanted to briefly discuss what I’m taking home with me. I hope to purchase more summer clothes and swimsuits when I get home!