Our Graduation Staycation | Days Two and Three

Sunset on the last night of our graduation staycation

The second and third days of our graduation staycation in Waikīkī came and went as we continued eating, drinking, and sleeping as much as possible (more on the napping to come). After the best sleep on Friday night, Brandon, Mikayla, Parker, and I woke up ready for a large and delicious brunch. Waikīkī surprisingly does not have many affordable and accessible restaurants, so we chose to eat at The Cheesecake Factory for breakfast. I ate my usual bacon and eggs; Brandon got the bacon, mushroom, and spinach omelette; Parker ordered the chicken and waffle eggs benedict; and Mikayla picked the regular chicken and waffles. Post-successful brunch and stuffed stomachs, we wanted to spend the majority of the afternoon spending our time lying in the sun and pool hopping. Alas, we hit our first graduation staycation predicament as we either weren’t allowed to enter different hotel pools or were tasked with lying to poolside workers about our squatting arrangements. On this second day of our graduation staycation, we learned that we’re extremely bad at lying. After discovering that each pool required wristbands for entrance, we found that the Prince Waikiki seemed open for use without check in. One of the uncles working there even showed us which pool area was coolest. We really thought we smuggled ourselves in! However, once the uncle returned to ask us which room we were staying in, we couldn’t think of what to say. He tried to make the dilemma easier on us by asking if we had already checked out, to which Parker replied that we actually just checked in. When the uncle asked which name we used, none of us knew what to say, so I threw Parker under the bus instead of using a basic haole last name. Who knew we would be so awful at falsifying the truth? Uncle already knew we were lying, so we had to leave the pool and return to our own four-inch wading pool at the Ilikai. We spent the rest of the day showering, watching movies, and getting ready for our big graduation staycation night out for dinner and time at Scarlet. Unfortunately, we’re even worse at staying awake long enough to go out, and we all fell asleep at 10:30 after bringing takeout dinners back to the hotel. Needless to say, the second day of our staycation was a big L! The third day was basically just a long morning as we finally dragged ourselves out of the big ass comfy bed and cleaned the room. We finished packing and getting ready and finished our graduation celebration with breakfast at Cinnamon’s in the hotel lobby. We all ate the kalua pig eggs benedict and split a stack of the guava chiffon pancakes, obviously. Even though we didn’t get as drunk or do as much as we planned, I’m still incredibly thankful for an amazing graduation staycation with my best friends!