One Year After I Got My First Adult Job

Almost one year after I got my first job

One year ago today—four months after I graduated from Baylor—I was hired at Legal Aid in what I thought would be my first long-term adult position. Much of the months after I returned home from college were probably torture for my family because I grew increasingly depressed and disengaged, spending most of my time sleeping and crying and basically being a hermit in my room. It wasn’t that I was sad to be home with the people I love, but I didn’t realize how much I’d miss the life I had in Waco with some of my best friends in the world. It also didn’t help that I was being ghosted by basically every place I’d applied to work and I felt like I was worthless and not good enough for any job (the things capitalism does to a girl) and the combination of my crippling depression and unemployment made me extremely close to giving up on everything. Even though it seems like 12 years prior, I was hired one year ago for a job I thought I would really enjoy, but it didn’t turn out to be what I wanted or what was good for me. My depression got even worse at my old job because I didn’t like the work I was doing at all and I didn’t have any friends (sad but true), so most of my weeks were spent sitting in my cubicle in the corner, reading and eating lunch alone (the best days were when I got to eat with my dad and Megan at my favorite Chinese place). Because my mom saw how miserable and sad I was every day when she’d pick me up, she told me I should consider quitting. I had no other job options at that point, but I knew she was right. Thankfully, around the same time I started looking at jobs online again, my current job called and offered me an interview and then the position one week later! So three months after I started at Legal Aid, I quit (read what I learned from that decision here). *This is by no means a smear campaign against Legal Aid because they do fantastic work and I loved my supervisors! I just needed to make the leap at a place I loved.* My first week at the Office of the Public Defender was in the beginning of January and I feel like I’ve already been here forever in the best way possible. I’ve made so many friends at work who I truly believe will be in my life for the long haul, I come early and stay late by choice (every Wednesday is walk day with my friends!), my work has purpose, and I feel mostly happy every day. I didn’t think I’d be where I am one year ago, but I’m thrilled that I’ve grown and learned so much in such a short period and that I followed my heart to where I am today (even though it was the most afraid I’d been). Obviously no job or workplace is perfect, but I’m so thankful for mine.