One Day in Hilo

Me and uncle brother in Hilo
View from the airplane
Tofu bento from KTA
Corned beef hash, eggs, hash browns, and pancakes

I spent two full days in Hilo last week and yesterday as I scheduled two evening presentations to community members for work (read my blog post about having to overcome my fear of public speaking here!). I’ve been to Hilo a few times in the past with my partner and for a previous and current job(s), but these two visits were my first time fully alone and staying overnight. On my first visit last week, I worked, ate leftover food from my work session, got lost driving to my hotel, got lost driving to the self-parking lot across the street in the dark, and fell asleep fully exhausted. However yesterday I didn’t have a car and I wanted to reunite with my dearest Uncle Brother for dinner after work! We luckily get to see Uncle Brother far more in recent years than we did in the past, and visiting him was my top priority at the end of the day. My partner and I visited him in Hilo back in 2022 when we spent one day on Hawaiʻi island as my celebratory “break” between transitioning from the Office of the Public Defender to my current employer (read about that wonderful trip in this post!). I had some of the best food ever yesterday starting with a KTA tofu bento (even better than KTA’s sushi I had last week) comprised of somen salad, Aburaage, cucumber, tamago, fishcake, tofu fishcake patty, ocean salad, okara, and kimchee tofu poke. As an avid tofu consumer, this was my dream bento! I also purchased my favorite peanut butter mochi for dessert. I worked for 4 hours before my working event, which went off without a hitch thanks to extraordinarily supportive coworkers and facility staff. We had lots of leftover food again, so I took plates full of fruit and veggies (obviously) before Uncle Brother picked me up for dinner! We went to Ken’s House of Pancakes where I ate homemade corned beef hash with eggs, hash browns, and pancakes, and Uncle Brother had eggs with Portuguese sausage, rice, and pancakes. I was hungry, but the pancakes were some of the best I ever had especially with the ice cold coconut syrup! We talked and ate and laughed and teased my mom (as always), and had the best time together. I always love being with family and it’s especially special spending time with Uncle Brother!