On Not Knowing What I Want | Take 2

I wrote the original edition of this post back in 2015 as I was struggling to decide on a major. I initially thought I would be a sports writer or announcer, but I hated AP style so I decided I couldn’t write newspaper articles forever. As I fell more in love with football, I wanted to pursue coaching in some form. Obviously there aren’t many female football coaches, but I was passionate about the game and I wanted to break the barriers women face in the league. I spent all of my free time researching routes, game plans, defensive schemes, professional players and the history of the sport. Baylor football became my life and I started planning my future around the team. When I started working for athletic communications, my eyes were opened to a world involving football, but behind the scenes rather than on the field. While I still wanted to coach, I became more interested in SID work for all of athletics. The department focuses on all of the background work for each sport- writing press releases and recaps, collecting stats, compiling game books, working on social media and running the entirety of the sports. I love working at every game and match even though the job lacks the recognition off of which coaches thrive. If I want to be an SID, sports management grad school is in my future.

I love sports and I’m always happy every time I step on the field or court to do my job. However, I’m even more passionate about social justice and helping people. I’ve always loved homeless people and my focus has expanded to include prisoners, refugees, impoverished communities and minorities. It’s often exhausting keeping track of every injustice committed by the police, government, justice system, “presidential” administration and racist bigots, but the work is extremely important and I want to be a part of it. I admire justice leaders like Shaun King, Grace Lee Boggs, Sister Helen Prejean and Bernie Sanders- people who have been and are on the front lines of the fight for equality and justice. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and I want to be on the right side of history. I often wonder if I should be a justice writer or activist but I’m not sure how to get started.

Maybe I’ll be an SID one day or have a different position in the sports world. Maybe I’ll find myself writing more and more pieces highlighting the issues and injustices facing people today. I honestly have no idea what I’ll do or where I’ll end up when I graduate. Whatever I become, I hope I’ll make a difference and change lives with Jacob next to me!