On My Reading List – Online

I’ve begun to collect books- all unread, all about social justice, football and Alexander Hamilton. I like to say that I don’t have enough time to read unless it’s for a class, but that’s not true. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and it’s all about priorities. Unfortunately for me, reading books just isn’t my main priority. I want to read all about The New Jim Crow and how to create an unstoppable offense, but those topics will have to wait until my next break. Reading online, however, has become extremely easy. Everything has gone digital and I’m not complaining. I’ve bookmarked the posts and articles I want to check out and share with you all.

For every thousand evil Matt Walshs, there’s one good John Pavlovitz. John Pavlovitz is a pastor in North Carolina who preaches real love and equality- not those who express hate disguised as love. His posts always bring new insight into hot societal topics from a rare point of view. I’ve been a fan of Jon Gruden ever since I discovered his QB Camp during the NFL Draft. His in depth football background makes him one of the most reliable sources in the sport. Speaking of football, QB Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem has made national news for the past couple of weeks. Denver Broncos offensive tackle Russell Okung penned an article in favor of Kaep’s protest, articulating the QB’s reasons for sitting. It’s a thought-provoking essay for those in favor and opposed to the stance that I think everyone should check out. For a lighter read, I love Julia Engel’s blog. I love scanning her blog for style inspiration and vacation ideas. If you’re a fan of blush clothing and girly accessories, head over now!