On My 2023 Luxury Wishlist

Luxury wishlist
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If there’s one thing I’ll blog about, it’s the clothing, accessories, beauty products, and home decor I want to add to my collection of belongings! Since I started blogging in December 2012 (this December will be 11 years of This Is Noelle!), I’ve crafted literally dozens of wishlists with luxury and affordable items I deeply obsessed over for the season or shopping location (check out all of my wishlists here). My first wishlist on this blog arrived in February 2013 when 16-year-old Noelle listed the Hermès Constance H Belt, iconic Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf (I was unhealthily consumed with lust over the many iterations of this scarf), and Prada Saffiano Executive Tote as the pieces she most desired for her sophomore year of high school closet: do you die? With a whole $30 to my name? 10 years later as a grown 26-year-old teenage girl, I still wish for some luxury jewelry and fashion pieces, but most of my belongings now come from Poshmark and/or Savers. However, a girl can still dream, so I’ve collected almost two handfuls of semi-luxury jewelry, art, and shoes that I’m coveting for the end of 2023 and beyond! I don’t buy myself many expensive pieces anymore, so I may rush to purchase one or two of these when holiday sales approach in the next couple of months (I know, I’m rushing the end of the year—sue me!)!

Susan Alexandra’s brand is an over-the-top handmade bead lover’s dream with every home decor, jewelry item, accessory, and bag adorned with the most colorful and funky bead designs. I love all of her pieces, but the Fruit Compote Collar speaks to me the most as a person who not only loves bold jewelry, but also consumes one full watermelon every 4-5 days along with peaches, mangoes, cherries, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, and any other fruit imaginable and/or available. I would ideally style this collar with a bright orange or yellow dress and my curly hair pulled back into a top bun. The dreams I dream about this necklace! My apartment is coming together nicely as I’ve added colorful furniture (I have a large yellow locker in the middle of my living room and it complements my groovy colorful rug perfectly) and reorganized my storage pieces, but my walls are desperate for some framed pictures and artwork. I would love to add any Phthalo Ruth art to my living room, kitchen, and bedroom, but my favorite one is the Dinnerware Art Print with lovely pastel shades that look almost like they were created by coloring pencils. I don’t drink anymore, but I still love the different styles of drink glasses featured in the print! Colorful beaded necklaces are my thing at the moment and the Annie Lu Disco Necklace is the biggest and boldest of them all (are you sensing a theme here?). Imagine this necklace layered with my Kinn Studio Maison Heart Locket Necklace and a gaggle of other gold pieces from Madewell against a plain white tee and dark denim to transition into Fall! Or put this necklace solo on my neck with simple gold studs and a half updo on a navy shift dress! The opportunities are endless. The other piece of artwork I’m loving at the moment is this genuine David Shrigley print of a banana that says “The Moment Has Arrived, The Banana Is Ripe.” My TikTok/Instagram icon Heather Hurst aka pigmami has one of David Shrigley’s posters in her room and I love this one because I’m a banana fiend and I like the reminder that I need to act on different aspects of my life when the time is ready. Another giant, bold luxury jewelry item I’d gladly add to my collection is the Rose Petal Triple Drop Clip-On Earrings by Lele Sadoughi: a headband and jewelry icon known for standout pieces. Before I got my ears pierced at 20-years-old (my long-time bff Mikayla kindly took me and held my hand the whole time!), my ears were adorned with clip on earrings from Claire’s and Icing that almost always broke after 3-4 wears, but I loved them anyway! These gorgeous floral ones are a statement piece that will hopefully last longer than my fake metal ones from childhood and they’re the perfect color way for Fall! I’d love to wear them for November meal or at my sister’s upcoming nuptials later this year. When I watched the Sex and the City episode “Great Sexpectations” where Carrie buys a pair of fluffy pink feathered heels for a date with her trash ass boyfriend Burger, I began my years-long search for a similar pair of shoes, which I found in the Sleeper Pom Kitten Heel Mules with Feathers in Pink 38. These kitten heel mules are covered in fuzzy pink feathers and although my mom would hate them and most would think they’re impractical for every day, I can’t imagine a more perfect pair of shoes to wear to work, dinner, and everywhere in between! I’ve been building a charm bracelet over the past two years thanks to charm contributions by my partner, and the Haricot Vert Favorite Things Charmie Necklace in Gold Light would be a luxury necklace version with my favorite charms being Cherries, Cowboy Boot, Egg, High Heel, and Soy Sauce! The colorful charms look 2D and have a novelty flair, which I think is a fun nod to childhood jewelry! Kate from ReadWriteThrift on TikTok/Instagram buys Maguire Shoes, and when I saw the Mira Peach Heeled Sandal in 38, I wanted a pair of my own! Maguire’s pieces are fairly priced for their craftsmanship, and the orange tone would be perfect for every season except for Winter—they’d pay themselves off fairly quickly! I love the bow details and the chunky kitten heel, which make the shoes easy and comfortable enough to wear every day. The last luxury item on my wishlist is Maggie Villamaria’s Positano Opal Beaded Necklace with Rondelle Beads. There were lots of other beaded colorful necklaces on my wishlist (I know I already have one of them featured above), but Maggie’s one was soft and wearable—a different tone from the statement items I previously mentioned. Sometimes it’s nice to have a fun piece that mixes well with my other daintier ones without sticking out on my neck!