On Creating the Perfect Charm Bracelet

Charms for the perfect charm bracelet
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Back in my late elementary school years I was obsessed with Project Runway as I was convinced I’d become a fashion designer one day. Everything the judges and Tim Gunn said was canon in my rule book and I only hoped that I’d have my own runway shows in New York City every S/S and A/W. Nina Garcia was one of the long-running judges and I bought every book she wrote, including The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. In that book, I learned about wrap dresses (I always said I’d buy a DvF wrap dress when I got my first adult woman job…and that has yet to be purchased), investment bags, and charm bracelets, with the latter taking a spot on every birthday and Christmas dream wishlist ever since. Nina spoke about charm bracelets as delicate and intimate pieces customized for each wearer. I loved the idea of picking charms for special occasions and as souvenirs after vacations to places I might not see again. My mom graciously made me a silver charm bracelet at Brighton when I was in seventh grade and I loved those pieces so much! Now that I’m technically grown, I want to eventually make a beautiful gold charm bracelet with pieces from different vintage stores and specialty shops. Most of the charms seen above are vintage from decades prior and the idea of purchasing used ones is even more special! The charms I love most are related to music, football, and places I love like Texas and New York City. Some of these are even more complex in that they spin like the NYC one, have a recipe attached like the cosmo, and open to reveal a pair of glasses like the book! Most people who buy or are passed down heirloom jewelry tend to give those pieces to their own kids, but because children are never in my plan, I will make the perfect charm bracelet and bury myself with it!