Ombré Glitter Barbie Nails

It’s been three and a half weeks since my last dip powder manicure, so it was time for a fresh nail set! Today I went for a baby pink Barbie nail with ombré gold glitter. Throughout the weeks I had my nails polished, they grew 1/4 of an inch without disturbing much of the powder. The added length stretched from my cuticles, so I was in desperate need of a dip removal. One of the technicians had me soak my nails in acetone for five minutes (which slightly burned my finger skin!) and buffed off any remaining powder with the electric buffer. She dipped each finger in white base powder, added a liquid base coat, dipped them in the baby pink powder twice, and applied the liquid companion between each layer. She followed by adding a matte top coat and dusting gold glitter on top with a small brush before setting the nails with the shiny top coat. I love how my nails turned out this time and I can’t wait to go back in four weeks!