Olive & June’s Grateful & Kind

Grateful & Kind

When I was in college, one of my favorite bi-monthly activities was going to get my nails and toes done with Jonathan and Lo at Elegant Nail Spa Waco! I got my first gel manicure ever with Lo who introduced me to the wonders of gel and dip polish and constantly bullied me into having well-kept, colorful nails so she wouldn’t have to look at my horrid natural nails. Jonathan only joined us for the pedicure part, but I still always associate mani/pedis with the two of them. I don’t get mani/pedis anymore aside from the odd times when I’ll go with my mom and/or sister (this was my last salon manicure and it’s my favorite one ever!) and since it’s expensive to have them professionally done, I’m making DIY attempts of my own. I hate painting my nails because I tend to smudge them even though they’ve been drying for hours and they chip fairly quickly. As part of last year’s Olive & June manicure system purchase I chose the above featured cool-toned pink ‘Grateful & Kind,’ which I applied as soon as the holiday season was over! As much as I love Christmas time and its surrounding celebrations, I truly miss wearing the bright colors and pastel looks that feature so heavily throughout my wardrobe. I’ve resolved that Olive & June’s nail polishes are the best of the best because they last well over one week and don’t chip even when I’m cooking, cleaning dishes, washing my hair, changing my outfit for the 10th time, etc. I love the shade ‘Grateful & Kind’ because it matches almost all of the outfits in my closet and it feels fresh for the new year. I’m thrilled to pull out my favorite pastel colors now that red, green, and gold aren’t the main staples of my every day outfits and this polish will be my go-to for as long as I like!