Olive & June ‘Fig Ranch’ for the Fall

Olive & June Fig Ranch

When I was in college, one of my favorite bi-monthly activities was going to get my nails and toes done with Jonathan and Lo at Elegant Nail Spa Waco! I got my first gel manicure ever with Lo who introduced me to the wonders of gel and dip polish and constantly bullied me into having well-kept, colorful nails so she wouldn’t have to look at my horrid natural nails. Jonathan only joined us for the pedicure part, but I still always associate mani/pedis with the two of them. I don’t get mani/pedis anymore aside from the odd times when I’ll go with my mom and/or sister (this was my last salon manicure and it’s my favorite one ever!) and since it’s expensive to have them professionally done, I’m making DIY attempts of my own. I hate painting my nails because I tend to smudge them even though they’ve been drying for hours and they chip fairly quickly. However, as soon as I saw this ‘Fig Ranch’ shade from Olive & June, I knew I wanted to do an at-home fall manicure. Olive & June’s manicure system comes with a nail clipper, nail file, nail buffer, polish remover pot, clean up brush, Poppy, cuticle serum, super glossy top coat, and 6 nail polishes of one’s choosing for $100. I chose Fig Ranch alongside several other gorgeous fall and winter shades for my picks and I attempted the aforementioned color for my first OJ manicure. The polish is described as “a cool-toned fig pink with a touch of lavender and grey” and it’s the most beautiful nail color for fall. I love how my nails look against my new neutral clothing pieces as this shade somehow matches every outfit. I applied a Sally Hansen base coat with two thin coats of Fig Ranch and the OJ top coat and my (at-home) nails have never looked better! I didn’t suffer from any lumps or smudges, and after almost one week of wear, the polish still looks perfect. I can’t wait to try out the other ones I picked!