Olaplex Number 3 After Three Applications

My hair on Olaplex number 3

All right, I’ll say it: I’m never satisfied with the state of my hair. Actually I’ll rephrase that: I only like my hair when it’s far removed from its previous styling pattern. Take this post from August for example where I once was frustrated with my curls and now wish for them back. I chopped off several inches of hair since that blog because I knew my ends were brittle and curling in both directions (which they still do!) and my hair overall needed some evening out. The peril of cutting one’s own lengths at home is that the job can go horribly wrong. Thankfully I haven’t yet had a curl emergency (I wouldn’t be able to find someone here to fix it anyway), but since the big chop, my hair hasn’t had the same definition and curl pattern as it used to. In fact, it appears the curls don’t twist as tightly as they used to and if I want any real definition, I need to rely on finger (or brush) coiling. One of my grand ideas to fix the curl mess I’m currently in was to use Olaplex number 3—a concentrated bonding treatment that’s supposed to strengthen and repair any broken or frazzled hair follicles. Olaplex number 3 is well known in the beauty and specifically curly hair community because it’s known to bring back the old curlies as needed. I’ve used the treatment once a week before shampooing for the past three weeks and I’ve noticed my hair is holding the curls longer than it used to, the lengths grow out quickly, and I don’t have as much all over frizz that needs post-styling taming. Olaplex isn’t the cheapest product line, but its reviews are always glowing and I’m currently satisfied with what my hair looks like, although I know in a few weeks I’ll want my full ringlets back!