Not-So-Pretty Beauty

If you’ve been around this corner for a while you would know that I like to stick to posting about beauty products, launches, and outfit ideas, but have kept my distance from the basic (almost TMI?) items in my daily stash. There are products that every girl uses that don’t belong in the category of ‘makeup’, but contribute to the beauty category.

My first favorite ‘not-so-pretty’ beauty product (aka NSPBP) is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, which works for the face and body. This product is a godsend for those with extremely dry skin and patchy areas. I’ve been using this on my elbows and legs after shaving or on my skin when I’m having issues with dehydration and rough patches. Next up is the Secret pH Balanced Deodorant in Powder Fresh to keep my underarms fresh and dry. The antiperspirant is pretty generic and is one of the most affordable underarm products at the drugstore, but it lasts all day long and keeps me grease free! For the shower, I’ve been using the Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Japanese Cherry Blossom because it lathers up nicely and leaves my skin supple and clean. It smells heavenly and the scent lasts on my skin for hours. I always feel intensely cleansed and hydrated after using it in the shower along with all of the other scents. Last but not least is an oral hygiene product in the form of the Oral B Pro-Health Comfort Plus Floss. I’m an avid flosser and keep a pack of this in my bag to take on the go and on my bathroom counter to ensure that my teeth are clean and that no food particles are stuck in there (I know, so gross).