Noelle Reads | March 2018

I’ve avidly discussed my passion for Call Me By Your Name– the epic once in a lifetime love story about my beloved Elio and Oliver somewhere in Northern Italy. My passion for the story heightened when I picked up the novel and my heart almost burst on every page. Author André Aciman has created the most life-changing work of fiction I’ve ever encountered and I’ll never find another novel with the same impact. The story is told through Elio’s voice in a stream of consciousness as he contemplates and thoroughly analyzes his obsession with Oliver. Each line is more beautiful and moving than the last and I actually underlined at least one sentence per page. If you haven’t read this novel yet, I urge you to purchase the most incredible piece of art you’ll ever study. Ugh, take my heart back to Italy and rest it in the interlocked arms of these two men forever.