Noelle Listens: October 2014

After a few posts about my current music favorites, I decided that I would start a monthly series called ‘Noelle Listens’, which is exactly what the title says. I’ll be sharing my 5 favorite songs of the month (hard to choose only 5!) and I’ll be writing mini reviews of each piece of music. The songs won’t be any particular genre- it’ll be a ‘mixed tape!’ Pun intended. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Rollercoaster by Bleachers

This song has the typical 80’s pop sound, which I adore! It reminds me of Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo’s Fire, and the other popular movies of the time that all had amazing music and acting.

Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World was one of my favorite bands when I was in elementary school because I watched One Tree Hill every week. This song is filled with amazing guitar riffs and the drums sound amazing!

(Untitled) by Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros is an incredible indie band with the most heavenly sound led by Jonsi Birgisson’s falsetto vocals. The instrumentals in this song are awe-inspiring.

Chasing A Ghost (Ever Since) by The Head and the Heart

I don’t think any explanation is needed for this song. Just close your eyes and listen.

I Don’t Want to Change You by Damien Rice

After an eight-year hiatus, Damien Rice is back with a new song in his typical soft-spoken-and-haunting voice. He’s a real gem.