Noelle in Pullman | Day 6

Jacob and I spent all day in town for my last full day in Pullman and we. ate. everything. We love going on picnics together and we planned our most successful one yet! After compiling a hefty lot of food for the excursion, we headed to a nearby park and hunkered down in a quaint gazebo. We had the most amazing Italian sandwich I’ve ever had (still dreaming about it right now)- salami, pepperoni, ham, olives, provolone cheese, olive oil, and Italian dressing- UGH I need one for the plane ride, as well as raspberry lemonade, wheat thins, ham slices, Pullman-made red pepper and garlic cheese, muddy buddies, potato chips, and cupcakes! Everything was frozen and delicious and we would have stayed longer if it wasn’t freaking zero degrees outside. After the picnic, we went to see A Wrinkle in Time, which I loved and cried at multiple times (obviously). Jacob treated me to dinner at The Black Cypress and every dish was amazing. I was craving spaghetti and meatballs for the past few days so I couldn’t wait to eat their pasta pomodoro with meatballs and Jacob had the carbonara with homemade bacon. My spaghetti was delicious and the bacon was just as enticing as the thick-cut slices at Peter Luger Steakhouse in New York. The star of the meal was the bread pudding, which completely changed my outlook on trying new foods. I always avoid bread pudding because it sounds unappetizing, but I ate more of tonight’s offering than my own brownie! We may have eaten more than our stomachs should hold, but we had a fantastic day!