Noelle Eats | Stage Restaurant

Last month my family and I trekked out to town to celebrate my mom’s birthday at Stage Restaurant. Stage is located on 1250 Kapiolani Blvd and is a modern restaurant filled with delicious drinks and good food. Although we had a better experience the first time we dined there, this last time wasn’t that bad either.

I ordered the special Prime Rib meal that came with mashed potatoes and vegetables. I thought the meat was cooked perfectly and it was very tasty. The price of the meal was $30, which was extremely affordable considering I received a large Prime Rib along with side dishes. My dad ordered the lamb chops and although they tasted good, there were only two miniscule chops. For what he got, it seemed very overpriced. For the table, we ordered the crab cakes and soft shell crab, which was extremely small. It was quite expensive and we only got two crab cakes and one soft shell crab. We also ordered a plate of Hamachi (my dad’s favorite) and he loved it. For dessert, we got the Pineapple Crumble, Chocolate Panna Cotta, and Orange Cheesecakes. Each dessert was delicious and beautifully presented! Even though I thought the food was very good, some of my family members didn’t think the meals were worth the price. If you’re on a budget and want to eat somewhere that you know each dish will be reliable, maybe Stage isn’t the right place for you. If you’re up for a surprise and are willing to take the risk, check out the restaurant!