Noelle Eats | Quick Homemade Shabu Shabu

Homemade shabu shabu

It’s been a minute since I shared my most recent homemade dinner because I stopped cooking once I moved home from college. I know, I’ll get back to it soon! One of the best parts of being home is that there’s always food around so I never have to worry about making lunch or dinner. Case in point: dad’s homemade shabu shabu. For those who are unaware, shabu shabu is a Japanese hot pot filled with either boiling water or broth that cooks thinly sliced meat and vegetables. Shabu shabu is one of my favorite dishes because of how easy it is to prepare and how quickly the food cooks throughout. The hardest part of recreating the hot pot is chopping up the vegetables and cooking any separate side dishes. For this specific meal, dad purchased the meat pre-sliced and only had to cook rice and beansprouts as our sides. The selections of meat and veggies were enough for dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, and me to eat multiple servings and still have containers of leftovers. We’re basically meal prep queens!


  • For the dipping sauce–
    • 1/4 cup ponzo
    • One tablespoon daikon
  • For the broth–
    • One container low sodium chicken broth (refill as needed)
    • Two teaspoons dashi seasoning
    • Three slivers ginger
  • Two packs pre-sliced beef and pork
  • One bag enoki mushrooms (my absolute favorite)
  • One head bok choy
  • One container firm tofu
  • One bag shirataki noodles
  • One log kamaboko
  • Any vegetables or meat of choice


  1. Chop all vegetables into small pieces so they cook quickly.
  2. Create broth by mixing chicken broth, dashi seasoning, and ginger.
  3. Make dipping sauce and separate into small dishes for each person.
  4. Once everything is prepped, turn hot pot on and boil broth.
  5. Place each vegetable and/or meat piece into boiling base for a few seconds until cooked.
  6. Dip all food items into dipping sauce and eat with rice.