Noelle Eats | Peter Luger Steakhouse

Whilst my family and I were in New York, we decided to eat dinner at one of the most iconic restaurants in the city- Peter Luger Steakhouse. The restaurant is located in Brooklyn and houses some of the most delicious steak I’ve ever eaten. There were eight of us in my family’s party and we all tried different dishes that were incredible. Dad and I shared a steak for two, mom tried the ribeye, and Megan ordered an amazing steak as well. Some of the sides we ate were broccoli, french fries, onion strings, and creamed spinach. We also got their thick cut bacon! I almost forgot that crucial piece of information (I know, how could I forget?) BTW: typing the list of food is making my mouth water as I stuff my face with cookies in my dark dorm room. The waiters were all very attentive and the restaurant felt classic. The steak I ate was cooked perfectly and I still wish I stuffed the leftover bread in my purse before we left but I guess I decided to act like a civilized lady that night. If you ever are in the Brooklyn area, please go to Peter Luger and order every item listed above. Two-three pieces of bacon per person seems like a good idea as well. Don’t forget to take the bread!