Noelle and Dad in Waco | Day One

Dad on day one in waco

So apparently, we couldn’t stay away from Waco for longer than a month. Can you believe? I didn’t truly say goodbye to my college town (or friends) in May because I knew we had to come back for a quick visit to finish cleaning out my apartment and selling the home I’ve known and loved for the past three years. It’s only been day one of Noelle and dad in Waco, but we already reunited with some of our favorite people and ate enough food for the next three days! Thankfully, we have more than enough people we love to visit and foods to eat that the upcoming weekend will go by too quickly! On day one of our trip, we landed at 7:30 in Dallas and ate breakfast at the cutest French café in Grapevine. Dad had visited the town before and raved about the breakfast options, so I was eager to eat all of the bacon and eggs (Ron Swanson would be proud of me. He would also be mad at me for not taking a picture of my bacon and eggs.). We ate at Main Street Bistro & Bakery where I had the Le Parisiene and a blueberry muffin and dad enjoyed his Deluxe Breakfast Croissant with creamed spinach. We stopped at the closest Nordstrom Rack (as we always do on day one of any Texas trip) and I picked up a few Madewell and J.Crew pieces I’ve been eyeing for a fraction of their regular prices! This afternoon, we met with our realtor to sign the papers finalizing our selling my apartment and many joys and pains were felt. After settling in at our Waco hotel, we met up with some of our closest Waco friends for dinner at Lone Star Tavern and Steakhouse and we ate all of the meats. I obviously chose the ribeye with mashed potatoes and dad had the chicken fried steak with hush puppies. We finished the night with the best cookies from Tiff’s Treats and now we’re going to try and sleep before we have to move all of my furniture out tomorrow! We should probably go for a 10 mile hike to walk off all our consumed food instead…