New York Day Three

Less food, more views for today! Brandon, Parker, and I woke up at 5 am to trek through the 11 degree weather in order to find an acceptable spot at the Macy’s Day Parade. We picked up bagel sandwiches and hot chocolate so we (*I) wouldn’t be hangry while we waited for the parade to start. We arrived at 7 and sat in the actual coldest wind I’ve ever felt in my life for three hours until Parker and I felt like our feet were beating stabbed off, so we defrosted in a nearby cafĂ© and were forced into buying drinks so the shop owners wouldn’t kick us out into the cold. Damn, some of the people at the parade were insane including a couple that was trying to reincarnate as John & Kate Plus 8 2.0, but I was good and didn’t fight anyone! After we left, we ate lunch at Jing Fong as every restaurant in Chinatown was open so our food options were endless for both dim sum and dessert. I begged the boys to go to Harlem with me so I could visit the Yuri x Malcom mural to see two of my heroes and film the painting for my upcoming poetry in motion project. A few stops later and we were in Chelsea visiting Parker’s school friends at the High Line before our phones died from the cold, so we ran indoors to Chelsea Market and ate scoops of gelato (as we would in <10 degree weather). By the time dinner came around, we were exhausted and unable to find an open restaurant that didn’t require $100 reservations, but we found a deli and ate turkey, chicken, and steak sandwiches from the comfort of our Airbnb! Tomorrow we’ll go ice skating, visit a few museums, and eat our weight in cheese (despite our lactose intolerance…RIP stomachs) so stay tuned for our final full day in the city!