New York Day One

I’m in New York with my very best friends! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this trip since we discussed its possibility after graduating high school and I’m ecstatic that it’s finally here. I don’t know if I can consider today “day one” as I landed at 5 p.m., but even after only six hours in the city, we’ve eaten amazing food, walked all over Queens, and I fangirled hard after spotting Nomiki Konst in the subway (democratic socialist superwoman!). So it turns out that La Guardia’s airport is wild and cramped and tiny compared to DFW, which threw me for a loop as I navigated through the crowds in search of an affordable Lyft. After two accidental ride-sharing cancellations and 45 minutes of traffic, I met Brandon at our Airbnb where we mapped out our itinerary while waiting for Parker. Parker took all night to arrive and we were famished, so Brandon and I sought out our favorite pizza place ever: Artichoke Pizza, where we split a slice of their meatball pizza (more slices will be devoured shortly). The pizza was our pregame dinner as we went to Tamashii Ramen for our full meal before spluring on T-Swirl Crepes nearby. Tomorrow we’ll be shopping, eating, and adventuring some more!