New York Day One

On day one of my trip to NYC, Brandon and I spent the day in Chelsea. Although I used to proclaim my disdain for the city, I’ve fallen head over heels for this great state. Chelsea is one of the most amazing cities I’ve visited and I would love to live there one day. We went to Chelsea Market for brunch and ate all of the foods including mini donuts, curry bratwursts and pretzels, a steak and mushroom meat pie and overpriced boxed water. Every food we ate was totemo oishii and I wish I could eat them again tomorrow. Chelsea Market is incredible; every station is filled with fragrant dishes and it’s a great place to go with family or friends. After stuffing our faces, we walked the High Line with the rest of New York’s population. A few popsicles and many steps later, we left straight for the Whitney Museum. Okay, so I’m a fan of modern art…but the pieces in the museum were ridiculous. Brandon and I couldn’t stop laughing at the old bologna exhibit (vomit) and the mannequins operating selfie sticks. Some of the paintings were beautiful but a majority of them were pretty insane. I debated walking up to those pondering the wild pieces and asking what ‘speaks to them’. I guess I’ll save my pettiness for another day. For dinner, we went to Artichoke Pizza and mother of god was that the best pizza I’ve ever had. I ate the meatball parm pizza and we split the artichoke slice. My mouth is watering looking at the picture above so I’m going to look away before I beg Brandon to go back tomorrow. Central Park, boat rides and more coming tomorrow!