New York Day Four

Here ends my last undergrad New York trip with my best friends (crying for the next two weeks). We ate copious amounts of food, walked over a thousand miles (probably not true but going to roll with it), and slept in way too late everyday, and this was just the very best trip I could have asked for. Although we didn’t make it to every restaurant, museum, and store on our bucket list, we spent all of our hours wisely. On our last full day in the city, we started with bagel sandwiches from Best Bagel & Coffee and damn were they worth the 40+ person line. Next up was ice skating at Bryant Part where children and adults alike dropped like flies around my feet but I did not fall once (that’s a new record people)! Ice skating around the Christmas trees and holiday stations was the most fun and we had to drag ourselves off the ice in time for cookies at Levain Bakery. HO. LY. SHIT. These cookies were amazing and probably the only food item for which I’d wait in the cold (besides Mama’s in San Francisco). We ate our hot and gooey cookies on the way to the Museum of Natural History and MoMA where I drooled over the Monet paintings and every piece in the Charles White exhibit. I took too many pictures of my favorite paintings and canvases at MoMA so I’ll publish a full post about each one soon! Parker and I ate hot dogs from a halal stand after four hours in the museum as a pre-dinner dinner before heading to Aunt Jake’s for our actual meal. I had the tagliatelle with Sunday Sauce (tomato sauce with short ribs, veal, and sausage) and the boys had the same with different noodle options. The pasta was huge and filling and everything I want in a plate of meat and tomatoes. For dessert, we walked a few blocks to milk & cream where I made my own cereal ice cream featuring a vanilla base mixed with honey bunches of oats and topped with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and bananas. We may or may not have also picked up three slices of pizza from Artichoke Pizza on the walk back home. MAY OR MAY NOT. Now we’re leaning toward re-watching the Chinatown episode of Broad City (at my request) before Brandon inevitably falls asleep on my pillow. Thank you for following my recent travels and I hope you enjoyed reading about my short trip as much as I loved living it!