New Stationary Favorites

Ever since I was a little girl, I would scour the racks of notebooks, planners, and pen sets at Walmart and Office Depot. To-Do lists, sketches, and journal entries became a pastime for me as I consistently purchased and collected beautiful diarys and planners. My stationary obsession hasn’t gone away (it may have gotten worse) and I recently picked up a few bits to take notes on and doodle my way around.

My planner for the whole of 2015 is a gold and white spiral diary from the brand Sugar Paper based in Los Angeles. The brand makes beautiful cards and planners that shoppers can customize to make them all their own. I fell in love with this one because it has a monthly layout followed by pages of notebook paper to take notes on. I’m not a huge fan of writing out my homework or projects on a weekly basis, so the note section is perfect for a lazy girl like me to stay on top of my assignments. The “Eat Cake for Breakfast” journal is from my favorite Kate Spade, which surprisingly has a large assortment of stationary bits and bobs. The journal has six ribbon-ed off sections that I like to doodle and write my thoughts down in. It’s chic and girly and I can’t get enough of it! Last up is a monogrammed card set from Crane & Co. Paper Company, which is my dad’s favorite brand of cards. He picked up this set for me a while back, but I recently got in to writing thank you notes and ‘just because’ cards for friends and family on this beautiful paper. Crane is a luxurious buy but the art of letter writing is elegant and hopefully I will continue to write things down rather than just type them!