New Life Objectives

I’ve continuously changed my career goals since I was in middle school. While I spent all of my adolescence yearning to be a fashion designer, my junior high obsession with Christianity made me want to become a pastor. Once I realized I hated organized religion, I journeyed through my dreams of being a musician to coaching college football to working as an SID until now. I may never truly know what I want to do with my life forever, but for now, I’ve discovered a bigger purpose that has me fighting for human rights. As I’ve learned and researched more about the injustices in the criminal justice system and the government, I found that I can’t stand by and watch innocent lives ruined without trying to help. I am a fairly decent writer with a heart for the oppressed and my aim is now focused on prisoners and those affected by the corrupt justice system. I want to research and write more about issues of police brutality, mass incarceration, and racism. Working for organizations like The Marshall Project, The Innocence Project, or the Equal Justice Initiative would be a dream. I’ve also found poetry and writing to be therapeutic in my life and I would love to teach these topics to prisoners as college courses and volunteer classes. Working with incarcerated people has become my life goal and I can only hope to make a positive impact in their lives after I graduate.