New Inspiration | February 2018

Following my favorite artists, poets, and musicians online has provided me an endless supply of inspiration for my style and writings. Most of the pieces I read, videos I watch, and songs I listen to are deeply moving and influential, causing me to reflect on how I spend my time and live my life. As I gathered images and other medium I’ve enjoyed recently, I thought I would share them in a monthly bundle, similar to that of my weekly 5 Things posts. I hope you find these pieces just as inspiring as I do!

Barack and Michelle Obama portraits 

The official portraits of President Barack Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama for the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery are two of the most incredible paintings I’ve ever seen. Painted by brilliant black artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, respectively, POTUS and FLOTUS are captured in iconic and extraordinary works of art that will breathe life and beauty into the halls of former leaders.

Mass Incarceration: An Animated Series

The ACLU published an animation-driven series focusing on the lives of three people during and after being released from prison. The organization used colorful animated videos as a form of education for those who are unaware of how cruel and unjust the justice system is, specifically toward people of color in poorer communities. The videos and stories will haunt anyone who is empathetic to and/or willing to learn about incarcerated people.

Fear by Sleeping At Last

Sleeping At Last has been my favorite musician since I was 13 and Ryan’s music continues to inspire me. One of his newest songs is called “Fear” and it captures the titled emotion perfectly through haunting instrumentals and lyrics. He recently released a few tracks inspired by enneagrams and “Two” is my favorite (one of my enneagram types)!

HelloFresh Delivery Service

I haven’t had the urge to cook creative dishes in a while, so when I received a $35 off coupon code for the HelloFresh delivery service, I purchased my first trial box for next week! Since I only end up cooking Yoshida sauce chicken twice a week and end up wasting all of my fresh produce, I was interested in the ease and process of creating new meals without any waste! I’ll fill you all in on my thoughts after making the dinners next week.