New Earring Additions

I’ve recently been swapping out my beloved Hawaii Bookmark Earrings in favor of more colorful, statement pieces. I still love the Koa earrings with any outfit, but I’m delighted by contrasting colors and metals combined with other bold clothing shades. The J.Crew Multi-Bead Hoop Earrings look like something out of a grownup Lego set, what with the mix of pink, blue, green, and gold accents. Because the earrings involve so many colors and textures, I find it easiest to style with a monochromatic outfit and a half updo. The Kate Spade Small Studs are a classic piece of jewelry that pairs easily with every look. I love how they’re larger studs, so they don’t differentiate as much from my traditional big ass earring style. I’ve enjoyed wearing them with a checkered blue blouse, jeans, and a white sandal. Okay, don’t laugh at this next one like my mom does. I purchased the Pretty Little Thing Gold Large Coin Hoop Earrings because they’re daring and unlike any other piece in my collection. I know, they’re freaking huge, BUT I LOVE THEM OKAY? I adore how ‘Helen of Troy’ they look, especially with free flowing curls and a draped top. So what if I get my hair stuck in the coins and accidentally rip my ears off, at least they’ll look pretty disguising my fat earlobes.