New Bedroom Decor

After I purchased a few bits to redecorate my living room, I searched for new pieces for my bedroom! Bedding was my main target as my white quilt and sheets had been roughed up with weekly Reggi dogsitting and daily wear and tear. I love having white bedding, but it easily dirties and I felt like I needed a change. I looked at Target, West Elm, Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters and eventually found the perfect replacement at West Elm. The West Elm Washed Cotton Luster Velvet Duvet Cover is a dusty tawny shade that’s equal parts beautiful and insanely cozy. While I love gorgeous pieces, my main focus in the bedroom is comfort and this duvet cover satisfies my every target. I haven’t yet purchased its matching pillowcases because the quilt itself cost an arm and a leg, but I’m looking forward to adding them to my bed soon! For a new sheet set, I bought a basic pack from Target- the Target Room Essentials 100% Cotton Sheet Set in a pastel pink shade. Target’s Room Essentials collection is well made and affordable and the sheet set was a brilliant buy. The pink shade doesn’t exactly match my bedding, but I still love the contrast between the two. I’ll also add a few accent pillows to my bed either from Target or TJ Maxx! Although I already have fairy lights around my desk area, I wanted some above my bed to keep the wall bright and visible at night. I love how the Vickerman 50ct LED Faceted String Lights are bright and last forever without burning out. The sphere lights are a year-round essential to add a fun accent to any wall. I love having them above my bed if I want to FaceTime or read without all of my ceiling lights on.