New Autumnal Additions to My Wardrobe

Autumnal additions

Mango dress, Wild Fable belt (similar here)

I’ve historically loved shopping for autumnal additions to my closet, which has been well documented over the years (the earliest post came in October 2013 when I was only making generic wishlists). Although I was never drawn toward warm colors, I’ve spent my largest sums on fall hauls while focusing on sweaters, darker shoes, and lots and lots of denim. When I was in college I used to really splurge on clothes and wonder where my Baylor Athletics paychecks were going (I used to tell my mom to pay my credit card bills from my savings account without a care in the world! If I couldn’t see the money, it didn’t exist!). Now that I’m a grown ass woman with an inordinate amount of student loan debt and other bills, I don’t spend nearly as much as I used to, but I still love a good haul of autumnal additions. This year’s collection I filmed for my TikTok features pieces from J.Crew (of course), Zara, Mango, Urban Outfitters, and H&M with a few extra items I thrifted (forgive me if I missed anything). I’m trying to branch out and try new brands, styles, and colors I never used to attempt before and one of my greatest fashion loves at the moment which I never thought I’d even go near is the color brown. I have two brown-ish pieces in this autumnal additions selection, both from Urban Outfitters, and I think the color combination is a dream. Who knew that brown is universally flattering and can look incredibly stylish when worn the right way? Not I! Of course I picked a few articles of clothing that my old non-adventurous self would love like the mauve-y silk Zara shirt and the pastel pink J.Crew sweater (my favorite piece of them all), but adding the warmer-toned objects and bolder ones like the above pictured Mango denim dress make me wish I tried these types of clothes sooner!