Natural Foundation Routine

After years of applying foundations and tinted moisturizers only one way, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and have begun to create a more natural looking base. I discovered the Sephora Classic Multitasker Powder Brush (I knew it as the Mineral Powder brush) on my trip to Washington DC in 2013 and my makeup routine was changed forever. Applying foundation became a breeze as I would dollop a bit of product on each part of my face and buff it in. This process was what I knew and loved until I recently watched Karima’s video on how to get a skin-like finish from any base product. Of course the beauty goal is to achieve flawless and natural skin and this technique helps me to get as close to this goal as possible.

Instead of covering my whole face with product, Karima suggests taking a very small amount on a finger and dabbing it only on the places that need it. For me, I need the most product on my cheeks (where I have the most hyperpigmentation) and between my brows. I’ve been tapping thin layers of product on these areas of my face rather than masking everything in order to achieve a light coverage that looks like I’m not wearing anything at all. Pressing the base in with my fingers also helps the lasting power of these products and helps them to melt into the skin. Although my blemishes and redness still poke through a little, I don’t mind anymore because my skin generally looks more healthy and uniform!