My Waialua vs Pearl City Newspaper Article

Waialua vs Pearl City article

On Saturday night, I covered my last high school football game of the 2019 season and I was the saddest boy in school. It was fitting, however, that I was assigned to the Waialua vs Pearl City game because I’ve grown quite attached to the Waialua Bulldogs over the past couple of months. I’ve had the privilege of establishing a rapport with a handful of teams such as Waialua, Roosevelt (obviously previously ratified), Kaimuki, and Nanakuli throughout the season and I couldn’t be more grateful for those interactions. Because there were only four games on Saturday night, I was tasked with writing a full story about Waialua vs Pearl City for the Star Advertiser focusing on how the Bulldogs secured their first Division II playoff spot since they reached the showdown in 2016. Waialua has lost every single game over the past two years, so recording a winning record this season was a huge deal for them (especially since they often played with fewer than 30 players every game). Saturday night’s game was a back-and-forth offensive showing as each touchdown and field goal was traded between Waialua and Pearl City until the game had to go to overtime (I wrote a full article for Hawaii Prep World here) and finished with Pearl City’s 29-26 victory. Sometime in between each team’s scores, there were aggressive parent fights, uncontrollable children, and the worst high school refs I’ve seen in a while (to my parents’ dismay). Although I was an impartial writer in both my Star Advertiser and Hawaii Prep World articles, I internally cheered for every Wahiawa interception and touchdown until their offense stalled in the last seconds of overtime. Win or lose, however, the Bulldogs were confirmed a chance in the playoffs, so I wasn’t as disappointed with the Waialua vs Pearl City outcome as I would have been without that postseason news. Waialua will face Roosevelt in the semifinals at Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium and my allegiances will be thoroughly tested!