My Study and Struggle Article in Humanities for All

My article in Humanities for All

It’s no secret that the Study and Struggle program led to my being part of different types of organizing groups here in Hawaiʻi. After co-authoring an article about abolition in Hawaiʻi in the summer of 2020 and participating in the Fall 2020 Study and Struggle curriculum alongside new friends, some of us co-founded the Hawaiʻi Abolition Collective at the end of December and immediately got to work. Back in March the founder of Study and Struggle, Garrett Felber, reached out to me and asked if I would write an article for Humanities for All—an initiative of the National Humanities Alliance Foundation—about my experience with the program and how it led to our HAC establishment. Humanities for All is a large, well-known site that showcases thousands of projects and humanities work at universities across the US and their audience is quite vast. When Garrett initially emailed me, he said HAC appeared to be the greatest success of outside organizers participating in the curriculum, which was such an honor to hear. HAC was then and still is a young organization still finding its place and purpose, but I was thrilled that our little work had caught on to organizers across the country. I quickly wrote the article about HAC for Humanities for All in March, but didn’t hear back from the website’s contacts so I just assumed they weren’t interested in my piece. After many months without word, I received a response a couple weeks ago from the Humanities for All folks Garrett connected me to in the Spring and they announced they’d publish my article alongside another blog post by incarcerated organizers and a longer form profile of Study and Struggle as a whole. A couple of edits later, all of our pieces went live this morning on the website and I couldn’t be happier! I’m so lucky that Garrett asked me to be part of this venture and that my words are featured with some of the most incredible incarcerated organizers and writers. Have a look at my article here, the incarcerated organizers’ one here, and the curriculum profile here. Thanks so much Garrett and the kind folks at Humanities for All!