My Spring 2023 Our Daily Bears Articles

Spring 2023 Baylor tennis
Photo credit: Baylor Athletics

During winter time in 2021, one of my Twitter friends @mattisbear encouraged me to start writing for SBNation’s Baylor Athletics fan site Our Daily Bears as a regular contributor during the Men’s and Women’s Tennis seasons, which I then began covering in January 2022! I was the student worker assigned to Women’s Tennis when I worked for Baylor Athletics over three years in college, so it was an easy transition to follow the sports as my main topics for ODB. I just completed my second year writing for the blog—this year as the Spring Sports Editor for Spring 2023—and I collected all of the articles I wrote this year and included them below for further reading! I love covering Baylor Athletics in any capacity and I’m lucky that I was able to complete my second season (read all of my articles from last year’s first season here) of doing so during Spring 2023!