My September 2022 Favorites

My September 2022 favorites

When I was a freshman in high school I discovered beauty and fashion YouTubers (I was obsessed with the British ones, which of course hasn’t had any effect on my recreation of the accent) and my friend Brandie and I would binge watch their videos all throughout our lunch and free periods. I loved watching their hauls, daily routines, and what’s in my bag dumps, but the monthly favorites videos were some of my most-watched (I still watch Lisa Eldridge and the Anna Edit’s ones). Monthly favorites were the most interesting to me because I wanted everything they had—whether they spoke of glittery eyeshadow palettes or illuminating full-coverage foundations, I was completely influenced. Most of the products I purchased off of their recommendations ended up collecting dust in my bathroom cabinets (because at 14 I didn’t need to wear YSL touche éclat or ABH’s DIPBROW Pomade), which is why my savings account barely existed back then! However when I started my blog in 2012 (we’re almost at our 10 year anniversary!), I started off writing about my monthly collected favorites. I haven’t written one of those posts since 2015 (here’s what I loved that October) and I thought it’d be time to bring this list back with my September 2022 favorites!

  • CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum— I’ve unfortunately neglected anti-aging products in my extremely minimal skincare routine, so I’m trying to create a slightly more elaborate process with products that suit my age and skin type. I’m not a youth anymore—although I will always refer to myself as a girl—so I need to prevent signs of aging as soon as possible! I recently noticed crinkles in my forehead when I lift my eyebrows and I’m now panicky about having Gordon Ramsay forehead so I immediately purchased this retinol serum with my internet tabs full of thicker night creams and sunscreens on the way. Retinol is absolutely essential for anti-aging and it also combats acne, which is helpful for the small breakouts I still get. I’ve only been using this serum for the past two weeks but I love how smooth it feels on my skin and the glow it leaves in the morning. This serum is one of my top September 2022 favorites and I’m hoping the other products I purchased will appear next month!
  • Agendio Custom Planner— Since I started my brand new job last month I’ve been in countless meetings that are sometimes hard to keep track of. I decided that my beloved monthly planner I was using wasn’t going to fit my current position as I desperately needed a daily/hourly agenda. After much research and YouTube video scouring of the best daily planners, I settled on Agendio for its customizable format and decently small size. Of all my September 2022 favorites, this book is definitely my most essential! The final product fits perfectly into my daily backpack and I love how simple the page formats are. I took a while to figure out how to best list my meeting schedule in the monthly section, but I’ll soon write a post with a walkthrough of the whole book!
  • Sheer and frilly socks— The TikTok girls got me and I’m now in my sock era! I love how sheer and frilly socks look with any type of shoe, but mostly with ballet flats, loafers, and heels. I purchased a bunch of colorful sheer ones with floral prints and plain colored frilly ones that look especially cute with my little ballet flats and Mary Janes. I don’t care if I look even younger than usual, but I’m going to wear socks with my shoes in every possible/appropriate situation!!
  • One Tree Hill soundtracks— I know it’s not the early 2000s and this is supposed to be my September 2022 favorites, but I can’t get enough of my childhood music essentials! One Tree Hill defined my elementary school years (how hilarious is that? Thanks mom and dad!) and every time I hear a song from the show, I’m transported back to watching the WB version on our cube television in my family’s tiny 2-bedroom apartment.
  • Jewel-toned scarves— I’ve been wearing scarves as headbands, belts, and bandanas for the past year or so and I love how they instantly add something special to an outfit! I bought these two Zara square scarves on sale and I love the fun patterns and colors in each one. Since I have to dress a little more professionally at my new job than I did at my old one, I’m going to wear fun accessories like these scarves to dress up my blouses and pants!