My Roosevelt vs Pearl City Newspaper Capsule

Roosevelt vs Pearl City

There are few things I love more in the world than watching the Roosevelt football team play their games, so getting to write about them for the newspaper and Hawaii Prep World has been such a treat! On Friday night, I was assigned to the Roosevelt vs Pearl City game at Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium, which I know extremely well at this point, so I was ecstatic to get to work. It’s been an incredible experience to witness firsthand how much the team has improved from last summer until this fall. When I started volunteering with the boys in 2018, they were passionate and hard working, but the initial results of their scrimmages didn’t present their talent. However, only a short year later, the team looks completely different in the Roosevelt vs Pearl City match up and I’m so thrilled for them (outside of work obviously, I’m not a biased reporter)! The results of the game showed just how dominant the Rough Riders have become in their division (they were DII champs last year!) and how the right combination of upperclassmen and transfer players can create an extremely dynamic team. At this point, I feel entirely comfortable keeping track of stats and finishing my box score and capsule for the newspaper before the end of the game and then interviewing players and writing my article for the website afterward. At the Roosevelt vs Pearl City game though, I did feel the most stressed I had been thus far as a severe injury delayed the first half and a fight in the third quarter added pressure onto my already approaching deadline. Fortunately, I’m used to the anxiety of rushing through games to finish my work as I did at Baylor, so I quickly did my yardage math, typed up the quick capsule seen above, and sent it all off to the editors five minutes before deadline and got to interview Roosevelt’s Shepard Kekahuna for the story I wrote about the team win and his performance specifically, seen here!