My Roosevelt vs Kalani Newspaper Capsule

Roosevelt vs Kalani capsule

Last week Friday, I shared my first ever published article, and I was so excited by all of the feedback and support that I thought I’d post every subsequent high school football capsule I write throughout the season. I’m officially a real freelance writer now, which makes me feel slightly better anytime someone asks me what I’ve been doing after college and I have the urge to constantly retort, “I’m just unemployed!” Well technically I am unemployed (full time I mean), but having a side gig definitely helps! My current side gig sends me to 1-2 high school football games every weekend, with Friday night’s being the Roosevelt vs Kalani game at Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium. I was over the moon excited for the Roosevelt vs Kalani matchup because I’d only watched Kaiser and Nanakuli play so far and I obviously adore Roosevelt, so this game was like my own personal “homecoming” if you will. Although this article is slightly shorter than my first one (we’re now only writing mini capsules for the smaller teams), I’m still proud of myself for writing while keeping track of the play by plays and individual stats. Thankfully, my time at the Roosevelt vs Kalani matchup was entirely easier and more smooth because of the many kind stats and PA men in the press box with me whose quick math skills were genius. I struggled immensely at the Nanakuli vs Kalani game last week because I often messed up while taking note of the different players’ stats, so I created different spreadsheets for yards, TDs, receptions, carries, and passes in order to keep me organized and accurate. Not only was I able to quickly craft a fairly thorough and factual box score, but I also finished my capsule before the Roosevelt vs Kalani game was pau! I even go to reunite with my favorite coaches on the field after the game for a few post game questions. I can’t wait to be back with my favorite team next week!