My Quickest Tasty Breakfast Sandwich

Quickest tasty breakfast sandwich

I used to make the most elaborate, double decker-inspired bagel sandwich that was quite possibly the most luxurious homemade meal (for me). That bagel sandwich was comprised of all my favorite individual food items—melted cheese, a crunchy bagel with pillowy-soft insides, medium bacon, soft scrambled eggs, and the largest dollop of pesto. YUM. Sometimes I’d cook my eggs over easy and stick them in that breakfast concoction so when I bit into it, the egg yolks would run all over the rest of the ingredients. A clean brunch meal it wasn’t, but a massively delicious one it was. However, I’m not here to talk about my multi-step bagel sandwich. Today is all about the quickest tasty breakfast sandwich I’ve come to love and admire for all its simplicity. I had one of these quickest tasty sandwiches from a chain plate lunch place while on a motorcycle ride with my dad and that bread-y item turned into one of the best meals I’ve had. What makes this one special is the golden brown toasted version of Japanese bread topped with just enough mayo to add some moisture and flavor. If you can’t pull off this meal in 10 minutes and absolutely adore the end result, this is not the blog for you. Enjoy!


  • Two slices of Japanese white bread
  • One tablespoon mayonnaise (please do not barf on me here, folks)
  • Two eggs
  • Four slices of turkey breast
  • Garlic salt and pepper to taste


  1. Crack two eggs in a bowl and season to taste with garlic salt and pepper (or whatever seasonings you prefer)
  2. Quickly whisk eggs
  3. Pop bread slices in toaster oven and set for medium-crispy (for me, that’s the 3 marker on my Breville Smart Oven’s ‘toast’ setting)
  4. On medium-high, add turkey slices to a pan and heat until the edges are brown and the meat turns a light shade of brown
  5. Cook eggs on medium-low until the egg whites begin to fluff and yolks are just past creamy
  6. When toasts are done, later each side with a thin layer of mayonnaise
  7. Top toasts with turkey slices and eggs
  8. Serve and enjoy with loads of fruit on the side!