My Poetry Writing Process and Inspirations

Poetry writing process

I’m a naturally creative person, but I also love procrastinating (a little ironic, no?), so it can be difficult to find the time and energy to work on my poetry (and my blog if we’re being completely honest). I’m constantly inspired by the new chapbooks and poetry anthologies that some of my favorite poets are releasing and I often dream about creating one of my own someday, but it seems nearly impossible when I can’t even pull one piece from my mind. When I’m struggling to write, but feel the desire to craft a poem, I find that a low stakes writing process is just what I need to get the juices flowing. Each person’s writing process is different and varies based upon what works for them, and mine thrives with musical influences and hours of binge watching videos of the poets I love the most. I find that by both reading chapbooks and listening to/watching spoken word pieces get me excited for my own writing process and (hopefully) finished works. I almost always write my most beloved pieces in the extremely late night/early morning aka 2:30 a.m. I’m most inspired by my favorite poets such as Clint Smith, Olivia Gatwood, Claudia Rankine, Sarah Kay, Tracy K. Smith, Audre Lorde, and José Olivarez. After reading their pieces, I like to pick the ones that I’m most fond of and brainstorm ways to take that inspiration and infiltrate the pieces I have in mind. After I’ve picked certain experiences or people I want to write about, then I’ll play my favorite instrumental playlist (usually jazz piano or acoustic guitar) in the background and start scribbling away. In my early writing process, I used to think that everything I put on paper should be perfect and finalized, but now I write whatever I want and swap words or phrases, move the stanzas around, and add punctuation wherever feels best. I’m still working on how to perfect my writing process and my finalized works, but maybe one day my name will be on a chapbook too!